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Domestic Lamps LED G9 Halopin

LED G9 Halopin

LED G9 Halopin

MGC offers two styles of lamp in our Impact range. They are frequently used for lighting decorative applications in bars, restaurants, homes, retail stores and hotels.

pdficon_large.png  One item uses SMD LEDs and is made from silicon and rated 2W, see our spec sheet here, whilst our latest version looks similar to the halogen lamp and has a frosted finish. This is rated 2.5W. See our spec sheet here.  

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G9 2W 220-250V AC Warm White | LED G9/HP2W/2700K G9 2W 220-250V Warm White (3000K) 180LM
G9 2W 220-250V AC Cool White | LED G9/HP2W/4000K G9 2W 220-250V Cool White (4000K) 180LM
G9 2.5W 220-250V AC Warm White | LED G9/SMD2.5W/3000K G9 2.5W 220-250V Warm White (3000K) 220LM
G9 2.5W 220-250V AC Cool White | LED G9/SMD2.5W/4000K G9 2.5W 220-250V Cool White (4000K) 240LM

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