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Cermax PE300BF Xenon Lamp

Lamps Light Source/Operating Microscope

Cermax PE300BF Xenon Lamp

PE300BF is a 14V 300W Cermax®, Excelitas, Perkin Elmer Parabolic Ceramic Xenon Lamp.  PE300BF is compatible with most Olympus CLV-S models, Smith & Nephew Dyonics 300XL, Storz 300W, Pentax, Luxtec, Fujinon and Zeiss Xenon Light Sources and Neurology microscope. The PE300W BF has 5 hole connectivity. The Excelitas part code is 96320339.  PE stands for Perkin Elmer.

The PE300BF was manufactured in Singapore while the new PE300BFA is produced in America (A for American origin).  MGC only stock the new American version. More information on this can be found here.

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