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Osram Airfield Lamps - Available from MGC Lighting Group

MGC Osram Airfield Lamps

Tungsten halogen lamps:
- Perfected for Airfield Lighting
- Distributed by MGC Lighting Group

Longevity and reasonable maintenance costs account for the success of tungsten halogen lamps as light sources for demanding airfield lighting applications.

Available from MGC Lighting Group, OSRAM tungsten halogen lamps provide an instant and constant output over the long lifetime. They are dimmable and allow flicker-free operation. Moreover, their small bulb dimensions and high luminance enable compact designs of airfield lights. OSRAM offers tungsten halogen lamps from 30 to 200W, either with or without reflector. Due to their IR radiation, they can be used even in extreme weather conditions such as low temperatures and snow.

Airfield lighting systems provide essential visual guidance for aircraft taxi, take-off, approach and landing.

OSRAM 6.6A tungsten halogen lamps for the airfield lighting industry combine high performance with long life to keep airfield maintenance costs down, while upholding high standards of safety and reliability. OSRAM uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes to yield high quality lamps with precision filament alignment for the best optical performance within the fixture. Airfield fixture manufacturers around the world choose OSRAM lamps due to their consistent and reliable performance.

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  • Runway
  • Taxiway

Typical Fixtures

  • Elevated runway and taxiway lights
  • Inset runway and taxiway lights
  • Approach lights (PAPI)
  • Guidance signs


Pre-focus technology

Lamps with Pk30d bases offer an unsurpassed precision of filament alignment and make adjustments unnecessary. Lamps with integrated reflectors are designed to be mounted at the reflector rim. They, too, allow for quick replacement without any additional adjustment. All in all, pre-focusing translates into the same light output after lamp replacement with no adjustment effort and therefore reduces the maintenance costs.

XENOPHOT® technology

Using xenon instead of krypton as the filling gas in-creases the luminous efficacy of a lamp – that’s the basic idea behind our XENOPHOT® technology. Such lamps make it easier to comply with the international standards and recommended practices of aviation authorities. They generate more light output at the same power consumption than their krypton counterparts.

Cold beam reflector technology

Because of their small prisms, inset lights with very low projection above ground place very high demands on the directional precision of the light beam. Halogen capsules must be exactly adjusted in optimized parabolic reflectors for maximum effect. These ready-made pre-focused optical systems generate very narrow light beams of unsurpassed directional precision. Cold beam reflectors prevent heat from being concentrated on optical parts of luminaires such as filters, lenses or prismus.

IRC technology (Infrared Reflective Coating)

Halogen lamps don’t just produce light. 60% of the created radiation is in the form of infrared (IR) rays. The innovative IRC technology increases the efficiency of halogen lamps by reflecting a major part of the generated IR radiation back to the coil where it is converted into visible light. This new technology results in a higher light output and/or in an increased lamp life. OSRAM is offering a new lamp family with IRC technology as a replacement for existing lamps with double or even triple lifetime.

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