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TrevioLux Photodynamic Therapy

MEDlight Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

TrevioLux Photodynamic Therapy


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MEDlight TrevioLux Photodynamic Therapy | Photodynamic Therapy

TrevioLux Photodynamic Therapy

The TrevioLux combines three treatment modes in one device. Always choose the best treatment option with the push of a button:

Compact Daylight PDT is inspired by the principles of the Daylight PDT. A controlled and virtually pain-free treatment -best suited for superficial actinic keratoses.

Conventional PDT (optional softstart/pulsing) to treat actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinoma.
The skin rejuvenation mode simplifies the use of PDT for aesthetic treatments.

The new device head can be adjusted to match the shape of the treated area. That way, even larger lesions can be treated in just a single session. A flexible device arm can be quickly adjusted to any desired treatment position. The mobile and very compact device with its premium design fits seamlessly into every medical environment.

The TrevioLux is constructed from the highest quality materials. Although the device itself is light and compact the actual treatment area is impressively large. Further improvements to the touchscreen interface will guide you through the treatment setup. Designing the right treatment is now faster and easier than ever.

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