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N-LinePro UVB Cabin

MEDlight Phototherapy

N-LinePro UVB Cabin

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MEDlight | N-LinePro UVB Cabin | Phototherapy Cabin

The MEDLight N-LINEpro phototherapy cabin

The N-LINEpro from MEDLight is a full-body phototherapy cabin with a novel oval shape which adapts to the outline of the human body and therefore enhances even irradiation distances. Thus it enables an optimised power distribution and avoids fractional overdose.

The MEDLight N-Line Pro phototherapy cabinet is equipped with 40 narrow band UVB tubes (311nm wavelength). With an innovative, unique dosage system with its four special UV sensors on the top is able to continuously measure and survey the interior of the cabin from above and to equalise fluctuations of intensity.

The N-LINEpro is equipped with a modern touch screen enabling the user to choose from 3 options: direct dosage input, programme of therapy steps, or time input. And an acrylic glass security cover in front of the tubes and an electrical door that immediately switches the cabin off should the patient open the door.


  • Prestige luxury design and finish
  • Normal length inexpensive UV tubes
  • Four high power UV-Sensors
  • Oval plan shape of the cabin, body shaped, for equal irradiation
  • Security contact door
  • Low-noise ventilation system
  • Time saving, easy menu navigation
  • Easy (programme) input via touch screen
  • Acrylic glass
  • Security cover for the UV-tubes
  • Viewing window
  • Removable non-slip floor for ease of cleaning
Personal and patient goggles included in the delivery
Technical Data (Subject to change)

Line voltage:                  380-400 V, 50-60 Hz

Option for single phase power supply

Power consumption:      4900 W
Dimensions:                   121cm (W) x 114cm (D) x 214cm (H)
Weight:                           330 Kg

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