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The J1/39 is a halogen capsule lamp rated at 6.6a and 200W available from Osram 64386 and Philips 6373 with g6.35 base. The Sylvania L2514 is a 200W 6.6a g6.35. The J139 bulb is 200 watts, 6.6 amps and it's output is perfectly matched for airfield lighting with an average life hours of 1500 hours for the Osram.
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J1/39 64386 Osram | 200w 6.6a g6.35 64386 4008321106407
6373 Philips | 200w 6.6a g6.35
L2514 Sylvania | 200w 6.6a g6.35 0022251

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