OSRAM SIRIUS HRI Lamps in new packaging

MGC Lighting group would like to let all our customers know that Osram have announced that as of August 2017 the packaging for its range of SIRIUS HRI Lamps will be changing. The packaging will include the latest safety and environmental information.

This will apply to the following range of products: 

Product Description
EAN 10
SIRIUS HRI 100W 2X14052899329119
SIRIUS HRI 132W 2X14052899028708
SIRIUS HRI 140W RO 2X14052899258969
SIRIUS HRI 190W+ 2X14008321866592
SIRIUS HRI 230W 2X14008321810311
SIRIUS HRI 280W 2X14008321810342
SIRIUS HRI 280W RO (ROBE) 2X14052899110397
SIRIUS HRI 330W 2X14008321810373
SIRIUS HRI 330W XL 2X14052899195431
SIRIUS HRI 330W X8 2X14052899140295
SIRIUS HRI 440W 2X14052899259096
SIRIUS HRI 440W S 2X14052899329140

Osram HRI lamps are available from MGCFor pricing and availability please feel free to contact us on 01473 466 300.

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