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CP40 / CP71 FKJ


CP40 / CP71 FKJ

The CP40/71 is a halogen lamp which is rated at 1000W, 240V (ANSI FKJ) with a G22 base. The main difference between the CP40 and CP71 is the filament. The CP40 has monoplane filament while CP71 has a bi-plane filament.
The CP40/71 is available from GE 88458 (CP40 230V), 88538 (CP40 240V), Osram 64747 (4008321468741).
The CP40/71 is ideal for lighting fixtures used in Theatres, TV and Film sets.
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CP40 FKJ GE | CP40 FKJ 1000w 240v G22 88538
CP71 FKJ Osram | CP71 FKJ 1000w 240v G22 64747 4050300283999

Perfect for:

  • ADB 1000 SHF10  SPF10
  • ARRI Studio 1000, ARRI Junior 1000 plus
  • Coemar Spot 1000
  • De Sisti Leonardo 1kw, De Sisti eco 1kw
  • LTM LT1000
  • Mole Richardson 01-200, 02-200
  • Philips Strand Lighting Polaris 1kw, Philips Strand Lighting Bambino 1kw
  • Pan Ludwig Polaris 260
  • Reiche & Vogel APL 2000 
  • Sachtler Director 1000H

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