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HTI 1500W/D7/60


HTI 1500W/D7/60

HTI 1500W D7 60 Double Ended Entertainment Lamp

This HTI1500 D7/60 lamp is ideal for moving head fixtures and is rated at 1500 watts, 110 volts with a base of SFc10-4 and a colour temperature of 6000 kelvin. The HTI 1500 lamps overall length of 136mm and average life of 750 hours makes the HTI1500, MSR1510 or CSR1500S an ideal lamp for your stock. HTI 1500.

Manufacturers Codes

  • Osram HTI 1500W/D7/60 4008321285294 4008321285300 SharXs
  • Philips MSR Gold 1510 SA/DE 928176605112 8711500213426
  • GE CSR1500/S/DE/60/STB 96800
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hti1500 or msr1510 or csr1500

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CSR1500/S/DE/60/STB GE | CSR 1500w S DE SFc10-4 6000k 750hrs 96800 csr1500
HTI 1500W/D7/60 Osram | HTI 1500w D7 SFc10-4 6000k 750hrs 54319 4008321285294 4008321285300 hti1500
MSR Gold 1510 SA/DE Philips | MSR Gold 1500w SA DE SFC10-4 6000k 750hrs 928176605115 msr1510

Perfect for:

  • GTD GTD-1500 II Profile, Spot, Wash
  • Martin by Harmann MAC 2000 Wash or Beam XB
  • Philips Vari-Lite VL3015LT Spot, VL3500 Wash, VL3500 Wash FX, VL3515 Spot
  • PRG Best Boy Spot HP, Best Boy Wash, GC Long Throw

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