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The LED Fiber Optic Illuminator (FOI), Model OTFI-0100, by Excelitas couples high intensity white light from multiple LED's into fiber optic light guides ranging from 3 mm to 10 mm diameter. It achieves 650 lumens through an 8 mm diameter fiber and 470 lumens through a 5 mm diameter fiber.1

Excelitas' FOI exceeds the light output of a 150-watt halogen lamp and provides an energy efficient, maintenance free alternative to halogen and metal-halide fiber optic illuminators. The benefits of model OTFI-0100 include:

  • Low energy consumption of only 53 watts typical at full intensity.- 65% more energy-efficient than 150-watt halogen illuminator technology.
  • Long lifetime of 25,000 hours.- 125 times longer lifetime than a typical EKE 150-watt halogen lamp.
Designed for microscopy, vision inspection systems, industrial borescopes and machine vision applications, the Illuminator, provides a consistent color temperature over time and when the light is dimmed, resulting in a more consistent visual appearance.

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