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MGC stocks Keeler Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope lamps/bulbs for use in Pocket Ophthalmoscopes, Standard Ophthalmoscopes, Practitioner Ophthalmoscopes, Pocket Otoscopes, Standard Otoscopes and Practitioner Otoscopes.

All Keeler instruments use genuine Xenon and Hologen bulbs to yield a brighter whiter illumination for longer life, all lamps are packed in twos for convenience of always have a spare on hand.

To indentify if your instrument is 2.8V or 3.6V, look at the bottom of the lamp.  2.8V is indicated by blue for dry cell battery and 3.6V is indicated by red for rechargeable.

Please contact our dedicated medical sales team if you have any queries on Keeler bulbs:

UK Sales:  0800 137 739 (UK only), +44 1473 466300 or email [email protected]

More information on Keeler lamps/bulbs can be found here.

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