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For over 90 years Keeler has continued to innovate, design and manufacture world class ophthalmic instruments in their Windsor factory.


The Keeler Applanation Tonometer (KAT) is a perfect example of their skills; they have applied 21st Century design techniques to a 20th Century device to deliver a premium quality instrument.


The Goldmann applanation principle is widely acclaimed as the most common and direct method of assessing IOP. The KAT is made with precision machined components that are subject to stringent quality controls pre, during and after assembly in their Windsor factory.


Choose from the guide plate mounted 'T' type or the optical body post mounted 'R' type.

We now also offer Keelers newest Tonometer wich has been designed and built with patient comfort in mind, the TonoCare is truly simple to use and gives consistently fast, accurate and reliable readings. More information Click here

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KAT - Keeler Applanation Tonometer BQ type | 2414-P-2020
KAT - Keeler Applanation Tonometer R type | 2414-P-2040
KAT - Keeler Applanation Tonometer T type | 2414-P-2030
Keeler- Tonocare Wireless Non-Contact | 2418-P-2000

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