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Philips UVA (/09) & UVA-1 (/10)

Phototherapy Dermatology

Philips UVA (/09) & UVA-1 (/10)

Philips UVA (/09) lamps emit radiation over the whole  UVA part of the spectrum (315-400 nm). Philips UVA-1  (/10) lamps emit radiation in a limited part of the UVA  range. In PUVA-therapy these lamps are used in combination with Photosensitizers, (for example Psoralenes) for the treatment of Psoriasis. Treatment with PUVA remains the standard for patients with high PASI scores who do not respond or whose psoriasis cannot be controlled adequately by UVB.

Can be used for the treatment of:

• Psoriasis and Parapsoriasis
• Vitiligo
• Atopic Dermatitis
• Mycosis fungoides



Philips PL-L UVA 36W | Philips PL-L UVA 36W 2G11 base
Philips TL-K UVA 40W | Philips TL-K UVA 40W G13 base
Philips TL UVA 100W | Philips TL UVA 100W G13 base
Philips TL UVA 100W-R | Philips TL UVA 100W-R G13 base
Philips TL UVA 120W | Philips TL UVA 120W G13 base
Philips TL-K UVA-1 40W | Philips TL-K UVA-1 40W G13 base
Philips TL UVA-1 100W-R | Philips TL UVA-1 100W-R G13 base

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