A1/259 ELC 24V 250W

24V 250W Halogen Projection Lamp with Reflector

The A1/259 ANSI ELC 250W 24V GX5.3 is an A1 reflector halogen lamp. The A1259 is available from the following manufacturers:

  • HLX64653 4052899329348 Osram
  • 13163 409751 Philips 923919720501

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A1/259 Applications

This 250W 24V lamp is mainly used in stage & studio along with projection, medical or scientific applications. The A1/259 rated at 250 watt and 24 volts performs well with an average life of 50 hours. Different versions of the a1/259 lamp are available including the ELC/5 and ELC/10, which have different average life hours.

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ELC A1/259 Osram | A1/259 ELC 250W 24V GX5.3 50hrs HLX64653 64653 HLX 4052899329348
A1/259 ELC Philips | A1 259 250W 24V GX5.3 50hrs 13163 , 409751 8711500409751 923919720501

Osram, Philips

Area of Usage

Rock n Roll

Product Type

Replacement Lamps