A1/259 ELC/5

ELC/5 Low Voltage 250W Halogen Lamp

The A1/259 ELC-5 is a long lifetime low voltage halogen lamp used mainly in stage and studio applications. ELC5 features unique P3 technology it allows the lamp to be used at higher temperatures which extends the lamps life. The ELC/5 compact filament produces a clean white light and high beam intensity for true natural colours on stage and without any hotspots.

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Life: 500 h
Wattage: 250 W
Colour temp: 3400 K
Cap: GX5.3
Voltage: 24 V

Different versions of the a1/259 lamp are available with different average life hours including the 13163 413475 from Philips.
ELC 5 924862720540.

Perfect for:

  • Triton Blue Spinn Flower


ELC/5H Philips | ELC 5 250W 24V GX5.3 500hrs 13163 413475 8711500413475 924862720540 ELC/5


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll

Product Type

Replacement Lamps