Cermax PE175BFA Xenon Lamp

Cermax Xenon Short-Arc Lamps

The PE175BFA lamps are innovatively designed for use in diagnostic and surgical endoscopes in hospitals across the world. They can also be used in high-brightness projection display systems, and for a range of other specialist practices.

Operational Specification

  • 12.5 Volt
  • 175 Watt
  • Compatible in all known 175W 12.5V Storz Zenon Light Sources
  • 3 hole connectivity
  • Lifetime – 1000 hours typical

The PE175BFA is manufactured in USA (A for American origin).

PE175BFA Perkin Elmer Excelitas | PE175BFA 12.5V 175W 96320338

Excelitas Cermax

Area of Usage

Light Source/Operating Microscopes

Product Type

Replacement Lamps