Cermax PE300BFA Xenon Lamp

PE300BFA is a 14V 300W CERMAX® Xenon Short Arc 96324392 lamp from Excelitas (Perkin Elmer). The PE300BFA is manufactured in USA and is compatible with most Olympus CLV-S models, Fujinon, Luxtec, Pentax, Smith & Nephew Dyonics 300XL, Storz 300W and Zeiss Xenon Light Sources or Neurology microscope. The 300W xenon light source lamp, PE300W BFA has 5 hole connectivity. PE stands for Perkin Elmer.

The new PE300BFA is produced in America (A for American origin) and is the replacement for the PE300BF that used to be made in Singapore.

PE300BFA Perkin Elmer Excelitas |PE300BFA 14v 300w 96324392

Excelitas Cermax

Area of Usage

Light Source/Operating Microscopes

Product Type

Replacement Lamps