The CP92 lamp is a 240V lamp with 2000W with a G22 base. The  Halogen High Voltage lamp is Single Ended (SE) for film, studio and TV Industries. This CP92 bulb is a stock item for MGC.

GE CP92 lamp 30397 88506 93106526
Osram 64777 4008321632197 4008321984241
Philips is obsolete.

CP92 Osram | CP92 2000w 230v G22 64777 4008321632197 4008321984241
CP92 Philips | This Philips lamp is now obsolete. CP92 2000w 240v G22 6975Z 924515445548 The Philips CP92 is not available, please contact MGC for suitable alternatives.



Osram, Philips

Area of Usage

Film & TV

Product Type

Replacement Lamps