Delta 30 – Heine

Not only would our new high-end dermatoscope win any beauty pageant; it stands out due to the best imaging we’ve ever developed.

  • Largest true field of view of 30mm (lens 32mm) Ø
  • Extremely sharp image with the new achromatic HEINE optical system
  • Ergonomic handling due to angled product design
  • Excellent colour rendering due to LED HQ
  • Digital documentation with the exclusive HEINE DERM app or the HEINE Cube System
  • Fast change from contact to non-contact examination


HEINE DELTA 30 | K/230/28/305:HEI | K-230.28.305

Available Extras

Contact Plate with scale for DELTA 30 | K-0000.34.220

Small Contact Plate for Delta 30 | K-000.34.206

Table Charger for DELTA 30 | X.002.99.212

Universal Smartphone Connector | K-000.34.270



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