GE Biax Germidical

MGC Lighting offers Biax Germidical lamps which use special glass to transmit ultra-violet light in a spectral band for effective sterilisation.  A proven technology for the destruction of air-borne bacteria, viruses and mould spores.  Improved system efficiency can be achieved when installing into HVAir Conditioning (HVAC) units, this reduces in air-bourne bacteria, viruses and mould spores.

Included in the range is GBX/UVC/2G11 18W (40704), GBX36/UVC/2G11 36W (40705) and GBX55/UVC/2G11 55W (40706).   All with 2G11 base

GBX18/UVC/2G11 18W Germicidal Lamp GE 40704 | GBX18/UVC/2G11 18W Germicidal Lamp GE 40704, 8000hrs
GBX36/UVC/2G11 36W Germicidal Lamp GE 40705 | GBX36/UVC/2G11 36W Germicidal Lamp GE 40705, 8000hrs
GBX55/UVC/2G11 55W Germicidal Lamp GE 40706 | GBX55/UVC/2G11 55W Germicidal Lamp GE 40706, 8000hrs

G E Lamps

Area of Usage

Air Purification, Germicidal, Water Purification

Product Type

Replacement Lamps