Heine HRP High Resolution Prismatic Binocular Loupes

The Heine HRP binocular Loupes offer high resolution, crisp images and variable magnification options.

A correctly chosen loupe will allow you to complete your work efficiently and with less fatigue. We have a range of specifications that are dependent on your requirements, magnification required and working distance.

• Crisp, high-resolution image
• Large field of view
• Lightweight
• Multi-coated Achromatic Optics

The optics can also be flipped up and out of view if required. Boasting Heine’s LED HQ technology this allows for bright, homogenous illumination and true colour rendering.

C-000.32.430 | HRP 3.5x Set 420mm – i-View loupe mount + S-FRAME
C-000.32.431 | HRP 4x Set 340mm – i-View loupe mount + S-FRAME
C-000.32.432 | HRP 6x Set 340mm – i-View loupe mount + S-FRAME


Area of Usage

Binocular Loupes

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Equipment and Devices