The CSR 4000w DE from GE has an order code of 48455 and HMI 4000W/DXS from Osram is 4008321210203 and both lamps have an average life of 500 hours and colour temperature of 6000k which makes them ideal for recording film or TV under daylight conditions indoors or out. The lamp base for these HMI 4000 and CSR 4000 bulbs is sta21-12 or SFa21.

MGC normally holds stock of the item and are able to price competitively for your needs. Please contact us for further information through our contacts section, one of our specialist team members, as an enquiry or via telephone on 01473 466300. hmi4000 or csr4000.

Perfect for:

  • ARRI Apollo Daylight 4 Kw 8534
  • Despar Rembrandt Piccolo 4000 W
  • Ets. Cremer Ld 4000
  • LTM Luxarc 4000
  • Mole Richardson 08-800, Solar Arc 4000 W 6171, Solarspot 4000 W HMI 6271
  • Philips Strand Lighting Sirio 4000 HMI
  • Showtec Patriot 4000
HMI 4000W/DXS Osram | HMI 4000w DXS SFa21 6000k 500hrs 54314 4008321210203 hmi4000


Area of Usage

Film & TV

Product Type

Replacement Lamps