HMI Studio 200W – 1,800W

Product Features

  • Colour temperature of 3,200K to 4,050K
  • High CRI of more than 90
  • UV stop (UVS)
  • 7 products available ranging from 200W – 800W

Product Benefits

  • Twice as bright as tungsten halogen lamps with similar wattages
  • Same lifespan as our HMI lamps with 6,000K colour temperature
  • Cost-effective alternative to managing and maintaining multiple tungsten halogen and metal halide lamps and fixtures
  • Time savings associated with setting up fewer variaties of lamps, fixtures and CTO filters to light a set
  • Plug-and-play solution for daylight fixtures

Areas of application

  • Movie studios
  • Film sets
  • Theatre stages
HMI Studio 200W | 55176 4052899984110
HMI Studio 400W | 55177 4052899984127
HMI Studio 575W | 55178 4052899984134
HMI Studio 800W | 55179 4052899984141


Area of Usage

Film & TV, Theatre

Product Type

Replacement Lamps