HTI 250W/D5/80

HTI 250W D5 80 Double Ended Entertainment Lamp

This HTI250 D5/80 lamp is ideal for small light weight moving head fixtures and is rated at 250 watts with a base of SFc10-4 and a colour temperature of 8000 kelvin.

The HTI 250 lamps has an average life of 3000 hours makes the HTI 250w D5 80 an ideal lamp for your stock.

Manufacturers Codes

  • Osram HTI 250 W D5 80 SFc10-4 4008321129161 HTI 250
HTI 250 W/D5/80 Osram | Baby SharXS HTI 250 D5 80 SFc10-4 6000k 3000hrs 4008321129161 hti250d580


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll

Product Type

Replacement Lamps