HTI 700W/D4/75

SharXS HTI 700w D4 75 metal halide double-ended lamp.

The OSRAM SharXS 700W/D4/75 lamp features a stable 7500K colour temperature and can be used to create impressive stage lighting effects. It boasts a very high luminous efficacy, HTI technology and a reduced arc of only 3mm, allowing for higher luminance from the same power consumption.

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Technical data

Wattage: 700W
Current: 10A
Luminous Flux: 59,000LM
Colour Temp: 7500K
Base: SFc10-4
Life:  750 hours
Length: 135mm
Codes: 4008321285232 4008321285249

The GE CSR700/S/DE/72 41357 has the colour temperature 7200k.

Perfect for:

  • Elation Powerspot 700
  • GLP YPOC 700
  • Martin by Harman MAC 700 Profile or Wash
  • Studio Due Excess XS 700
SharXS HTI 700W/D4/75 Osram | SharXS HTI 700w D4 75 SFc10-4 7500k 750hrs 54242 4008321285232 4008321285249 hti700d475


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll

Product Type

Replacement Lamps