Jazz Ultra Ophthalmoscope 1102-P-1113 – Keeler

A combination of optical perfection, superb ergonomics and versatile features make Keeler direct ophthalmoscopes the ideal choice.
With curved surfaces and subtle patient side marking, each ophthalmoscope has been designed to fit snugly into the orbital bone, ensuring a patient friendly, non-threatening instrument.

Manufactured in the UK and built from resilient, lightweight materials, a Keeler instrument will give you many years of trouble free service and withstand the rigours of everyday use. So, whatever your requirement from basic examination to detailed diagnosis, Keeler has the instrument for you.

1102-P-1113 Jazz Ultra Ophthalmoscope | Jazz Ultra Ophthalmoscope 1102-P-1113


Area of Usage

Direct Ophthalmoscopes

Product Type

Equipment and Devices