MSR 700w SA

700W MSR CSR Discharge Lamp.

A 700w discharge lamp used in the Stage Studio market. The MSR 700SA is a 700 watt lamp, has a GY9.5 base, is colour temperature 5600k kelvin. The average life of the MSR700W SA is 750 hours.

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Manufacturers codes for the 700W SA

  • Philips 928170305115 and EAN/UPC of 8718291228028 MSR 700WSA
  • CSR 700 SA 15380 has been phased out by GE

Suitable fixture brands

  • Coef
  • Geni
  • Coemar
  • PRG
  • Philips Varilite
  • High End Systems

MSR 700 SA lamp is perfect for:

  • Coef MP 700 wash and zoom, CfF7 hard edge, CfF7 wash
  • Griven Acrobat PE 700
  • High End Systems Studio beam 700, Studio beam pc, X-Spot Extreme, X.Spot
  • Philips VariLite VL2202, VL2402, VL7, VL2500
MSR 700 SA Philips | MSR 700w SA GY9.5 5600k 750hrs 928170305114 928170305115 8718291228028


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll

Product Type

Replacement Lamps