MSR Gold 1200w SA/DE

MSR Gold, SharXS HTI, CSR, BA 1200W Short Arc DE Discharge Lamp.

This Entertainment lamp has a rating of 1200w . The MSR Gold 1200W SA/DE, SharXs HTI 1200W D7 60, CSR 1200 S DE 60 and BA 1200 DE S lamps are double ended lamps with SFC10-4 lampbase and is colour temperature of 6000 kelvin. The MSR 1200SADE, HTI 1200D760, CSR 1200SE and BA 1200DES all have 750 hours average life and can be used in Rock n Roll fixtures.. The GE CSR and Sylvania BA lamp have been phased out.

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Manufacturers codes for the 1200W SA/DE

  • Philips 928099605115 MSR Gold 1200W SA/DE 8718291221210
  • GE 22494 CSR 1200W S/DE/60 has been phased out
  • Osram HTI 1200W D7/60 4008321285256 4008321285263
  • Sylvania BA 1200W DE S 6.0 0023995 is now longer available.

Suitable fixture brands

  • Martin
  • Elation
  • Clay Paky
  • Coemar
  • Philips Varilite
  • JB Lighting
  • Geni
  • Proel

The MSR Gold 1200 SA/DE lamp is perfect for:

  • Clay Paky Golden Colour 1200, Golden Spot 1200, Stage Color 1200SV, Stage Profile 1200SV, Stage Profile Plus SV, Stage Zoom1200SV, VIP 1200
  • Coemar ISpot 1200, Showcolor 1200 EB
  • Elation Patend Light 1200
  • Martin Professional Mac 2000 performance or wash
  • Philips VariLite VL3000 wash
MSR Gold 1200 SA/DE Philips | MSR Gold 1200w SA DE SFC10-4 6000k 750hrs 928099605114 928099605115
SharXS HTI 1200W/D7/60 Osram | SharXS HTI 1200w D7 60 SFc10-4 6000k 750hrs 4008321285256 4008321285263
BA 1200 DE S 6.0 GOLD Sylvania | This product is no longer available BA 1200w DE S SFc10-4 6000k 750hrs 0023995

Osram, Philips, Sylvania

Area of Usage

Rock n Roll

Product Type

Replacement Lamps