MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit

700w PGJX28 minifastfit lamps

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Perfect for:

  • ACME XP-700 SZ, XP-700A Beam, Xperior
  • Chauvet Legend 700E Beam and Spot
  • Clay Paky Alpha, Profile, Beam, Wash 700, HPE 700, ALPHA WASH 700 Grand
  • Coemar Infinity ACL SM, Infinity Spot M, Infinity Wash M
  • DTS XR750 Wash
  • Fine Art 700E Beam, Performance, Spot, Wash
  • Hongcai FL-700Spot PF
  • Isolution XP 700SZ MN
  • Jolly FL-700 Beam PF, Spot PF, MH-700 Beam, Spot
  • PROEL Arrow Compact 700 Beam, Spot
  • SGM G700 Beam, Spot, Wash, Synthesis 700 Spot, Wash
Lok-it! HTI 700W/75/P28 Osram | Lok-it! HTI 700w 75 P28 PGSx28 Lok it 7500k 750hrs 4008321510549 54221 10046135542210
MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit | MSR Gold 700w /2 MiniFastFit PGJX28 7200k 750hrs 221173 928199905115
BA 700/2 mini BriteFit Sylvania | The Sylvania product is no longer available. MGC may have stock. BA 700w /2 mini Brite Fit PGJX28 7500k 1000hrs 0023800

Osram, Philips, Sylvania

Area of Usage

Rock n Roll

Product Type

Replacement Lamps