N-Line UVA Cabin

MEDlight N-Line Phototherapy Cabin

The N-LINE from MEDLight is a full-body phototherapy cabinet with a novel oval shape which adapts to the outline of the human body and ensures even irradiation distances, this allows an optimised power distribution and avoids fractional overdose.

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An ingenious system ensures that operating temperatures are always appropriate for optimisation of lamp intensity.

Offering a high level of flexibility for everyday phototherapy practice, MEDLight N-LINE can be equipped either with 28 tubes UVB (311 nm, TL01) or UVA (UVA1). A combined version can be delivered on request.

An innovative, unique dosage system with its four special UV sensors is able to continuously measure and survey the interior of the cabin from above and equalises fluctuations of intensity.

The control panel is integrated in a hand-held unit that enables a flexible operation of the device according to local conditions. An easily understood menu navigation guides the operator step-by-step to success!


  • Sensor supported dosage control with four sensors
  • Space saving shape
  • Dosage input in joules
  • Dose limit
  • Acrylic glass security cover for the UV tubes
  • Very good efficiency through flexible therapy times
  • Good integration in the daily routine little manpower required
  • 28 tubes, available with either UVB (311 nm, (UVA1, PUVA) or as a combination (UVA/UVB 14/14)
  • Power supply 230 V AC
  • Viewing window

Personnel and patient goggles included in the delivery.
Price on request.
Standard is RAL 9007 (silver).

Technical Data  (Technical data subject to change)
Line voltage:      230, 50-60Hz
Power consumption:      ca. 3.200 W
Dimensions:       121 cm x 114 cm x 214 cm
Weight:                275 Kg

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