OEM J1/86

The J1/86 is a 6.6A 45W halogen airfield lamp with a PK30d base.

The J1/86 is available from OSRAM with code 64319 Z/C 45-15 4008321345578 or 64319 IRC-A 45-30 4008321340153. It is a european airfield lamp rated at 45W with 6.6A and leads.

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The 45 watt 6.6 amp lamp has a bright performance perfect for airfield lighting with an average life of 1500 hours (Z/C 45-15) or 3000 hours (IRC-A 45-30).
Osram 4008321345585
Osram 4008321340160

Product benefits
– Reduced operation and maintenance costs due to long average life.
– Instant and constant light output over the lamp life
– Flicker-free operation
– Mercury-free

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J1/86 64319 IRC-A 45-30 Osram | 45W 6.6A 64319 IRC A 45-30 4008321340153
J1/86 64319 Z/C 45-15 Osram | 45W 6.6A 64319 Z C 45-15 4008321345578


Area of Usage

Aviation and Marine

Product Type

Replacement Lamps