Osram A1/229 EFM

The A1/229 EFM 50W 8V GZ6.35 is a HLX64607 4050300006789 Osram halogen reflector A1 lamp.  The A1/229 is rated at 50 watt and 8 volts performs well with an average life of 50 hours.

The performance of this A1-229 EFM bulb is ideal for the dental equipment for brands such as Algotec Walklite and Satelec.
Osram A1/229 HLX64607 4050300946399 541230.


A1/229 EFM Osram | A1 229 EFM 50W 8V GZ6.35 50hrs HLX64607 64607 4050300006789 4050300946399 541230 a1229


Area of Usage

Dental Lamps

Product Type

Replacement Lamps