Osram HBO 50 W/3

50W HBO Mercury short-arc lamp without reflector

MGC Lighting can supply the OSRAM HBO 50W/3 lamp. The 50W HBO Osram lamp is used in fluorescence microscopy, UV curing and various light guide applications.

The HBO 50W/3  lamps benefits include high radiance, high radiant power in the UV and the visible range and a multi-line spectrum.

Product Specification

Code: 4050300506692 4050300506708 69215
Wattage: 50W
Voltage: 20V – 26V
Current: 1.9A – 2.5A
Current Type: DC
Flux: 1,300LM
Luminous Intensity: 150cd
Average Life: 200 hours
Base: SFa8-2
Burning Position: s45
Diameter: 9mm
Length: 47mm

Osram HBO 50 W/3 | HBO503 4050300506692 4050300506708 69215




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