Osram / Philips A1/232 EFR

The A1/232 EFR ANSI 150W 15V GZ6.35 is available from MGC Lighting Group. The A1-232 Philips 6423 427335, 6423XHP 41182260 or Osram HLX64634 4050300006819 is an A1 reflector lamp using halogen.

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This EFR bulb A1 / 232 is rated at 150 watt and 15 volts the reflector and balance light output performs well with an average life of 50 hours and is perfect for colour changing, scanners, Flower effects and other DJ and nightclub lighting effects. In the medical sector the A1 232 150w is an ideal partner for Colposcope, Operating Theatre, microscope and other light source applications for brands such as Hanaulux, Heine, Lemke, Nikon, Olypus, Pentax, Schott and Storz.
Osram A1/232 HLX64634 4050300946429 542100.
Philips A1/232 6423 427335 8711500427335 923916818504.
Philips A1/232 6423XHP 41182260 871150041182260 924044218504.

A1/232 EFR Osram | A1 232 EFR 150W 15V GZ6.35 50hrs HLX64634 64634 HLX 4050300006819 4050300946429 542100 a1232
A1/232 EFR Philips | A1/232 EFR 150W 15V GZ6.35 50hrs 6423 427335 8711500427335 923916818504 a1-232
6423XHP FO A1/232 Philips | A1/232 EFR 150W 15V GZ6.35 50hrs 6423XHP 41182260 871150041182260 924044218504 a1 232

Osram, Philips

Area of Usage

Film & TV

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Replacement Lamps