Osram / Philips A1/234 BRJ

The A1/234 BRJ 150W 15V G6.35 is an A1 halogen lamp. MGC offers the A1-234 from Osram HLX64633 4050300006710 and Philips 6550 409843.

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The A1 / 234 is rated at 150 watt at 15 volts and the bright, balanced light performs well in light coagulators along with other medical or scientific light sources. The A1234 bulb has an average life of 50 hours and can also be used in many stage and studio applications.
Osram A1/234 HLX64633 4050300890616 54250.
Philips A1/234 6550 409843 871150040984350 923870618503.


A1/234 BRJ Osram | A1/234 BRJ 150W 15V G6.35 50hrs HLX64633 4050300006710 4050300890616 54250 a1-234
A1/234 BRJ Philips | A1 234 BRJ 150W 15V G6.35 50hrs 6550 409843 871150040984350 923870618503 a1-234

Osram, Philips

Area of Usage

Film & TV

Product Type

Replacement Lamps