Osram/Philips A1/220 BRL

A1/166 400W 36V G6.35, HLX64665 4008321099761 Osram, an A1 lamp used across Stage & Studio, Medical & Scientific. The A1/166 rated at 400 watt, 36 volts performs well with an average life of 300 hours.

The small size and precise output A1-220 makes it perfect for Field Analysers, Microscopes and as a light source in Medical & Scientific. The A1/220 is rated at 50 watt and is 12 volts which performs well with an average life of 50 hours. Within the stage & studio sector the A1 220 BRL bulb is perfect for DJ and club lighting.
Osram A1/220 4050300890593 54249.
Philips A1/220 7027 40982950 8711500409829 923870217103.

A1/220 BRL Osram | A1 220 BRL 50W 12V G6.35 50hrs HLX64610 64610 4050300006697 4050300890593 54249 a1/220
A1/220 BRL Philips | A1 220 BRL 50W 12V G6.35 50hrs 7027 40982950 8711500409829 923870217103 a1/220

Osram, Philips

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