Osram Sirius HRI 440 W S Lamp

HRI 440W S Sirius reflector lamp from Osram

The OSRAM Sirius HRI 440 W S is a compact metal halide reflector lamp. HRI 440W S lamp is specifically developed for small moving heads. The HRI440W S produces diverse light effects utilising its high light and luminance output.

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Product Benefits

  • High luminance due to very short arc and high internal pressure
  • Bright light for brilliant light effects
  • Long lifetime
  • Lightweight and compact reflector lamps with ECG
  • Optimized burner design allows any burning position
  • Easy relamping
  • Uniform light output throughout the entire lifetime

Product Specification

Code: 4052899329140 4052899329157
Wattage: 440W
Current: 4.4A
Flux: 22,800LM
Colour temp: 7,000K
CRI: 80
Average Life: 1,500 hours
Length: 71mm
Width: 11.8mm

HRI 440W S used by the following fixtures brands

  • Ablelite
  • Aiweidi
  • Chauvet
  • CY Lighting
  • Fine Art
  • GTD
  • Jolly
  • LightSky
  • Lite Lees
  • Max Lighting
  • PR Lighting
  • TourPro LightSky

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Fixture Cross Reference

  • Ablelite EVA 440
  • Aiweidi A-2470, A-2470BS
  • Chauvet Maverick MK1 Hybrid
  • CY Lighting EAGLE-470
  • Fine Art FINE 440 BSW – ENHA, FINE 440 BEAM – ENHA
  • GTD 440 II BEAM
  • Jolly X-5 Coupe
  • LightSky IP3000, 440 FS, AquaBeam
  • Lite Lees Super Hero 440, Super Beam 440
  • Max Lighting JM-1508, ML1506, ML1508
  • PR Lighting XR 440 Beam, XR 440 BSW
  • TourPro LightSky Aquabeam
Osram Sirius HRI 440 W S | SIRIUS HRI 440W S 4052899329140 4052899329157 HRI440wS


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll, Theatre

Product Type

Replacement Lamps