Osram Sirius HRI 440W X Lamp

HRI 440W X Product Description

The OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W X with its focusing dichroic reflector is highly efficient and optimized for entertainment fixtures. The distance between the reflector’s alignment plane and the second focal point (working distance) is 41mm. 4062172017442

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Main applications of the SIRIUS HRI® 440W X are moving head

Technical data

  • Order reference SIRIUS HRI® 440W X
  • Rated lamp wattage W 440W
  • Color temperature K 7000
  • Reflector diameter d mm 58
  • Working distance a mm 41
  • Average service life h 1500 Initial luminous flux (through aperture d8 mm) lm 22000 CRI 80

HRI 440W X used by the following fixtures brands

  • Clay Paky

Perfect for:

  • Clay Paky Mythos 2
Osram Sirius HRI 440 W S | SIRIUS HRI 440W S 4052899329140 4052899329157 HRI440wS


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll, Theatre

Product Type

Replacement Lamps