Osram XBO R 100 W/45 C Lamp

XBO R 100W/45C Xenon Short Arc Lamp

The XBO R 100W/45C Xenon short arc lamp has very high luminance, and has a continual colour quality which carries on through the life of the lamp. The lamp gives off an instant light on starting, and is adjustable to suit your lighting needs.

Technical Information

  • 100W
  • 14V
  • Focal length – 45mm
  • Lifespan – 500 hours
  • 5 pin connector
  • 4050300367774 4050300367767 69191

Used in a Pentax EPK-1000, Pentax EPM-1000 and Pentax OL-X20 Digital Color Video Processors.

XBOR100W/45C OFR Osram | 100W 45C OFR 14V 115W 4050300367767 4050300367774


Area of Usage

Light Source/Operating Microscopes

Product Type

Replacement Lamps