Philips MSD Platinum 20 R

MSD Platinum 20R – The power to light your creativity

MSD Platinum 20R is rated at 370 watts, 8000 kelvin and an average lifespan of 1500 hours. The Philips MSD Platinum 20 R is compact and powerful, perfect for small and lightweight fixtures. The MSD Platinum 20R features an innovative reflector, short arc and high colour temperature to generate sparkling, high beam intensity that crerates outstanding colour reproduction.

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Product Specification

Code: 928197205314 8718696478127
Wattage: 370W
Flux: 16,900LM
Colour temp: 8,000K
Average Life: 1,500 hours
Burning position: Any
Dimmable: Yes

20R suitable for these fixture brands

  • Clay Paky
  • ACME
  • Fine Art
  • PRG
  • Elation
  • Terbly

The MSD Platinum 20R lamp is available from MGC Lighting Group.

Fixture Cross Reference

  • Acme XP 20R Beam, XP 20R BSW, XP 470 BSW
  • Clay Paky Supersharpy, Mythos
  • Elation Platinum FLX
Philips MSD Platinum 20 R | MSD Platinum 20R 470 w 8000 k 1500 h 928197205314 8718696478127


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll, Theatre

Product Type

Replacement Lamps