Philips MSD Platinum 25 R

MSD Platinum 25R – The power to light your creativity

The Philips MSD Platinum 25 R is a compact, lightweight, powerful lamp which is perfect for smaller and lighter fixtures. MSR Platinum 25R features a short arc, high colour temperature and an innovative reflector which produces a sparkling, high beam intensity for outstanding colour reproduction. The Philips MSD Platinum 25R is rated at 550 watts and is 8000 kelvin.

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Product Specification

Code: 928495905314 8718699614034
Wattage: 550W
Flux: 24,500 LM
Colour temp: 8,000K
Average Life: 1,500 hours
Dimmable: Yes

Fixture Cross Reference

  • ACME XP-25R Beam IP. XP-25R BSWF
  • DLW 550 BEAM, 550 BSW, 550 Wash
  • Fine Art Fine 550 BSW, 550 Wash, 550 BeamWash
  • GTD GTD-550 II  Beam, GTD-550 II  BSW
  • Philips Varilite VL10 BEAMWASH
  • PR PR-2569 Beam, PR-2597 BSW, PR-2552 BSW, PR-2554 Beam
  • Terbly G25 Hybrid
Philips MSD Platinum 25 R | MSD Platinum 25R 550 w 8000 k 1500 h 928495905314 8718699614034 25R


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll, Theatre

Product Type

Replacement Lamps