Philips MSR Platinum 35 ST

MSR Platinum 35ST – Enhanced Studio Lighting

The Philips MSR Platinum 35 ST is an incredibly powerful lamp which is has been specially designed for studio and theatre applications. The MSR Platinum 35ST features an exceptionally short arc, cool colour temperature and ultra compact design. Philips MSR Platinum 35ST has a balanced spectrum with extra red content for enhanced colour rendering, is rated at 800 watts and average life of 750 hours.

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Product Specification

Code: 928194505114 8718291704065
Wattage: 800W
Current: 10.9A
Voltage: 220V
Flux: 57,800LM
CRI: 80
Colour temp: 6,000K
Average Life: 750 hours:
Base: PGJX36
Burning position: Any
Dimmable: Yes

35ST is suitable for these fixture brands

  • Clay Paky
  • Terbly
  • Robe
  • Terbly
  • PR Lighting
  • Fine Art

MSR Platinum 35 ST lamp is available from MGC Lighting Group.

Fixture Cross Reference

  • Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800 ST, Alpha Spot QWO ST
  • Elation Platinum Profile 35, Platinum Spot 35
  • Fine Art Fine 800SF
  • PR Lighting XR 800 Spot
  • Robe Robin MMX Spot, MMX Wash Beam
  • Terbly PT800S, PT800P, FS 800M
Philips MSR Platinum 35 ST | MSR Platinum 35ST 804 w 6000 k 750 h 928194505114 8718291704065


Area of Usage

Rock n Roll, Theatre

Product Type

Replacement Lamps