Philips TUV PLS 11W Germicidal

TUV PLS 11w 2Pin G23 or 4Pin 2G7 (pictured)

Philips TUV PL-S 11W/2P 927902304007 8711500624888


TUV PL-S 11W/2P Philips | TUV PLS 11w 2Pin G23 UVC 3.2w (at 100h) 9000 hours 927902304007
TUV PL-S 11W/4P Philips | TUV PLS 11w 4Pin 2G7 UVC 3.5w (at 100h) 9000 hours 927902404007 this lamp may no longer be available


Area of Usage

Air Purification, Germicidal, Water Purification

Product Type

Replacement Lamps