Philips TUV PLS 13W Germicidal

Philips TUV PLS 13w 2Pin GX23 purification lamp. The PL-S 13W 2 pin is a thirteen watt lamp with a single ended GX23 base and a useful life of 9000 hours. The PLS13w lamp can be purchased from MGC where we offer great pricing and good service.

Philips TUV PL-S 13w/2p 927902804007 8711500867230


TUV PL-S 13W/2P Philips | TUV PLS 13w 2Pin GX23 UVC 3.4w (at 100h) 9000 hours 927902804007


Area of Usage

Air Purification, Germicidal, Water Purification

Product Type

Replacement Lamps