Pocket Otoscopes – Keeler

MGC Lighting offers the Keeler Pocket Otoscope 1503-P-1034 and the Jazz Otoscope 1514-P-1160 versions. The pocket Otoscope has full diagnostic capability in a handy pocket sized instrument with the security from a strong metal pocket clip. It is ideal for domiciliary or ward use or used as a second instrument.

MGC also offers the new Keeler Jazz Otoscope 1514-P-1160 2.8V. A slimline pocket size that fits neatly in your pocket, , complete with three interchangeable coloured rings. It has 3 x magnifying lens and uses brilliant LED illumination gives the best possible view and longer battery life for a greener product.

1503-P-1034 Pocket Otoscope | 1503-P-1034 Pocket Otoscope 2.8V Dry Cell Battery
1514-P-1160 Jazz Otoscope | 1514-P-1160 Jazz Fibre Optic Otoscope 2.8V Dry Cell Battery


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