T11 / T19 FWP FWR

T11 / T19 lamp with ANSI code FWP or FWR is 1000w with a GX9.5 base.
T11 bulb has a monoplane grid filament and the T19 lamp has a Biplane grid filament. T19 230v ANSI FWP or T19 240 volt with ANDI FWR.

Osram 64744 4008321554857 4008321554864

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T19 FWP Osram | T19 FWP 1000w 240v GX9.5 64744 4008321554857 4008321554864
T19 FWR Philips | The T19 Philips lamp is no longer available. FWR 1000w 240v GX9.5 6996P 923865145528

Osram, Philips

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