UVC Air Tube

Wherever people gather – in offices, shops, medical practices, libraries or classrooms – the LEDVANCE UVC AIR TUBE V70 cleans the air continuously, very effectively and entirely without chemicals. This high-tech device draws in the air, deactivates microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria using UV-C light, and returns the purified air.

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The UVC Air Tube is easy to install and is ready to use.  Passing the air over a UVC lamp, this device takes infected particles in the air and deactivates them and pushes out clean, safe air.

It can be mounted on the wall, floor standing and due to it’s light weight design and build it can be suspended from the ceiling.



UVC AIR V70 WT EU | 4058075615335


Area of Usage

Air Purification, Germicidal

Product Type

Equipment and Devices