Air & Water Purification Lamps

Air and Water Purification Lamps

MGC offer a wide range of UVC products for Water and Air Purification and Disinfection. These include Linear Tubes, PLS & PLL lamps from the Philips TUV and the Osram Puritec ranges.

Technological advances now enable UVC to be used in a range of environments where cleanliness is of primary concern. We can supply a comprehensive range of specialist UVC lamps, drivers and sleeves for germicidal applications that safely disinfect air, water and surfaces. These methods of treatment are environmentally friendly as they use no chemicals, are highly efficient and have low mercury levels.

These lamps are suitable for domestic and commercial applications, working to deactivate bacteria and viruses on a physical process. We can provide purification lamps for air purification treatment for hospitals, vehicles, offices and animal stalls, water purification treatment for industrial drinking water plants, private homes, swimming pools, aquariums and sewage systems and surface purification treatment for pharmaceutical, food preparation and public areas.

Our dedicated sales team has the experience and knowledge to help you with your requirement. We provide our customers with outstanding customer support and an efficient service with competitive pricing. As an independent specialist we will tailor a solution to meet your needs from one of the leading brands.

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Dedicated Sales Team

If you require further information or assistance, please contact our purification team through our enquiry form on this page, the contact us section of the website, through our specialists directly in The Team section or via telephone UK 01473 466300 or International +44 1473 462321.

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