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A1/259 ELC/10

Stage and Studio Film and TV

A1/259  ELC/10

The A1/259 halogen lamp 1000hrs is also known as an ELC/10 or ELC10 which is rated at 500W, 24V with a GX5.3 base. The ELC/10 has manufacturers codes HLX64659 from Osram and 13163 /10 from Philips. The ELC/10 is an A1 lamp used mainly in the Stage & Studio market and is favoured because of it's long average life of one thousand hours. The A1/259-10H rated at 500 watt, 24 volts performs well with an average life of 1000 hours. Different versions of the a1/259 lamp are available with different average life hours. Contact Us We offer expert service at a good price.

A1/259 /10 ELC/10 is currently a stock item at MGC Lighting Group.



ELC/10H Philips | ELC 10 250W 24V GX5.3 1000hrs 13163 136580
ELC-10 A1/259 Osram | A1/259 ELC 250W 24V GX5.3 1000hrs HLX64653 64653 HLX

Perfect For:

ARRI Cyclone
Dedo Weigert Film Dedocool
Haerle Lichttechnik Varyscan 250

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