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The HMI 575w is a double ended metal halide lamp used mainly in the Stage and Studio markets.
The Osram HMI 575w DXS and GE CSR 575w DE has colour temperature of 6000k which is ideal for film, tv and stage applications while the Philips MSI 575 has colour temperature of 7800 kelvin. The Osram order code is 4008321285102, GE order codes are 48451 70979 and the Philips code is 92491170040. Sylvania also offer the 575w double ended lamp as BA575DEHRGS with an order code of 0023921. All bulbs are rated at 575 watts with an SFc10-4 lamp base and have an average life between 750 and 1000 hours.

The Osram HMI 575 W/DXS is usually a stock item at at MGC.

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CSR575/DE GE | CSR 575w DE SFc10-4 6000k 750hrs 48451 70979
HMI 575W/DXS Osram | HMI 575w DXS SFc10-4 6000k 1000hrs 4008321285102
MSI 575 HR Philips | MSI 575w HR SFC10-4 7800k 750hrs 92491170040

Perfect for:

ARRI Report 5137
ARRI Apollo Daylight 575
ARRI Daylight Compact 575
Cinemobil Titan 2500
Ets. Cremer Ld 575
Gunlux HMI 575 FL
Keller A Daylight 575
Lampo Weichhart LAAS 50 Fantastico
Lampo Weichhart LAIS 11 Inse 575 HMI
Lampo Weichhart LATE 33 575 HMI
LTM Alimarc
Mole Richardson Solar-Arc 575
Philips Strand Perseo 575 HMI

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